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Why Even Bother Joining Thai Girls World?

OK first things first!


Complete Removal of all pop-ups and Ads!

The pop ups! We hate them as much as you do but as is this is a Thai porn sex video community site the only way we can really make money to pay for the high bandwidth servers is with these pop-ups!

We apologies but for Thai Girls World to exist this has to be the case.

If you join completely FREE we will remove all pop-ups and pretty much all advertisements.

We value your membership even if you are not a very active member. You still get all the benefits just by joining FREE!

It really costs nothing at all! It never will!

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Full Access to the Forums and Community Features

We have a fully featured Forum here at Thai Girls World.

You can chat about anything you want about sex with Thai girls so long as it is not underage or illegal.

You can view the Thai Girls World Forums Here

You can read most of the content without joining but you will not be able to see the picture, attachments or links which lets be honest, that is what you want to see!

You can also create albums, profiles (hidden from non-logged in users), upload media and get involved in the Thai sex chat!


Be in With a Chance to WIN a Soapy Sex Massage Worth 5000 baht each month

Each month one of our lucky members win a soapy sex massage worth 5000 baht (About $150).

This massage must be used within 12 months of winning the competition. We don’t expect you to book a ticket and be here within a few weeks.

Your massage can be arranged in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phucket.

Your massage can exceed 5000 baht but you will have to pay the difference.

To enter each month all you have to do is make 5 posts in the forum or messages on the videos each month.


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