Why Do Thai Girls Like Farang Guys?

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    Come on haha

    Be as brutal as you want!


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    Money, bellies, bald heads and big cocks not in that exact order!,

    But if you are respectful of the culture, and the Ladies(outside the bedroom) and 1. Shave your head, 2. let them feed you up a bit til you have a LITTLE bit of a “Buddha Belly” going on(I’m away from Thighland at the moment and my no.1 girl is very upset that I don’t have a belly anymore and is planning on feeding me up when I visit in the new year!)

    and are not afraid of throwing a few hundred baht around every now and then you will have them eating(Cum) out of the palm of your hand in no time.

    It helps if you’re a sexual Tyrannosaurus like me and Blaine too! 🙂

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