What a great country. I need to come back by myself….

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    I just got back from Thailand and needed a place to tell this story since I don’t want to tell my friends all the details!  Very thankful for this site!

    I went to Thailand with a big group.  A bunch of girls and a couple dudes, we stuck together as a group for most of the trip, so I didn’t have much time to explore the seedier, erotic side of Thailand.  We went to Bangkok and didn’t even get to set foot inside a Go Go bar for the experience.  Luckily when we went to Phuket, my trip got a whole lot more interesting.  The first day we landed in Phuket, I started fucking this girl in my group, I thought my luck couldn’t get better… I was wrong.

    The girls and I decided to go to Patong Beach earlier than the guys because they wanted to get their nails done and I wanted to get my eyebrows done (don’t judge unless you have a thick hairy unibrow like me haha).  We stopped at a random nail salon that also did massages and other beauty treatments.  After getting the dead skin eaten off our feet by fish, the girls decided that they wanted to get their nails done at the same salon.  I sat at the salon waiting for them to finish.  One of the ladies at the salon saw me bored and told one of the working girls to give me a massage.  Since my friends said their treatments were going to be a while, I decided to give it a go.

    The Thai girl and I go to the back of the salon, to a little room with a mattress.  I undress and she proceeds to give me one of the best Thai oil massages I have ever gotten in my life.  She slowly started working her way down to my ass and then coyly swiped her hand against my balls.  She definitely knew what she was doing.

    When she flipped me over she started to play with my already hard cock.  She asked me if any of the girls out there were my girlfriend.  When I said no, she asked me if I wanted a blow job.   After negotiating the price down, I said yes and she ran out of the room to get a condom.  She came back, and started sucking my cock like a champ. I am a horny fucker, so I decided to grope her wherever she would let me.  Because I’m an ass guy, she decided to move to the side so that she could suck my cock and I could play with her ass and pussy.  I felt her pussy getting wet so decided that I would lift her legs over my head and 69 her.  I have to say… Thai pussy tastes so good.  Sweet and a little tangy like the food haha.

    I ate her out as she sucked my cock for about 5 min and then decided to push my luck and ask her to fuck me. Without thinking, she hopped on and rode me until I came.  After cleaning up, she laid on me for the remainder of the time and we just talked while I grabbed her ass.

    As we got out from the room, I was on Cloud 9, great massage, great tasting pussy, great sex.  Half of my friends were done and I had to sit there and pretend like nothing had happened.  Sad to say, that was my last encounter with a Thai girl in Thailand but after such a great massage and finish, I can see why guys love Thailand.   I cant wait to go back!

    If anyone has any suggestions of any other cities or places I should go on my next visit please let me know, but for now Phuket has a special place in my heart and is definitely where I want to go next time I visit Thailand.


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    Sounds like you had a good time but believe me when i say you  have only had a very small taste of what is on offer.

    Many guys come here by themselves and you will never be lonely.

    There are always girls and other tourists to drink and speak with.



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    I come here 2-3 times a year by myself.

    Best times! Can do what you want!

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